Your Personal Family Tree

Your Unique Family History


Personalised family history information tailored just for you. Most family history sites are daunting, give your a free taster, but then want you to sign up and pay for any further information. 

Historical Records


We can search for your deceased ancestor in historical records to discover interesting information from their life.

Starting price of $100


For $100 we will investigate as much information about your grandparents as we can and create a timeline for all of your 4 grandparents. This provides you with an example of our work and you can decide whether you want to continue with a full tree. 

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Further packages



1/ $300 per person, family tree

Usually takes about 10 hours, so $30 an hour. 

2/ $1200 for 4 branches of the family tree, back as far as records are able. 

3/ DNA from about $109, through

Official Documents


Birth, Death, Marriage certificates are the best way to confirm information. 

These can be ordered from the appropriate agencies. Prices start from about $24 in each state. Digital ones are the quickest and instant way to find out information. 

What Records?


Our genealogist will look at many records,

  • Vital records - Births, Deaths & Marriages
  • Convict Records
  • Immigration Records-Free Settlers
  • Church Records
  • Local History and Regional Sources
  • Military Records
  • Newspapers and Biographies
  • Occupational Records
  • Wills & Probate Records
  • Government Records
  • Health Records
  • Land Records
  • Cemetery Records