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Do you know who your grandparents were?

What do you know about your family tree?

Do you know where your ancestors lived? Have you ever wanted to find out about your family tree, but don't know where to start? 

Where did they come from before they got to Australia? What were their occupations? What made them leave their country and sail to Australia? 

What about finding out about your DNA?

We do all the research for you. 

Let us find your Australian, New Zealand or British Heritage.

There are so many websites online now but to the inexperienced searcher it can take many hours trawling through records. When you are initially tracing your family tree yourself, you'll usually find about 5% of the information that is relevant.  

With over 30 years experience in tracing family trees in Australia and the UK, we are able to source and locate documents and records quickly and efficiently for you. We save you time and money as some websites can be quite costly. 

Free phone consultation

Free 15 minute phone consultation to see how we could help you discover your family history. 

Our research usually doesn't take long to find something and we have plans to suit what you need. 

We can create a timeline, a family tree, of your grandmother or grandfather.

Information could include-------

where they lived, what their occupation was, whether they were mentioned in newspapers, when they married, what year they died, where they are buried. Your genealogy can be uncovered back centuries. 

See our fees page. 


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Information can be e-mailed and digital records e-mailed. More complicated family trees can be posted. 

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