Photo Organisation Service

Start with a photo labeling pencil


Start with writing on the back of the photos. Who are they? Where was it taken? Can you go through them with someone elderly in your family before it's too late. 

Do you need help sorting your old photos


We had had over 15 years experience with archiving photos into safe storage or beautiful archival photo albums. We can help you get your old photos our of shoe boxes and into something you and generations can treasure for years. 

Photos in archival albums


Could you imagine if your mother or grandmother had given you a photo album of her life. What if you had her handwriting. What if you could make a treasured keepsake for your family that could last generations. 

Free 15 minute phone consultation


If this is where you need to start, then let's talk. We understand the pain of having photos and not knowing who is in them or worse losing them when your  computer crashes. 

Discount for combining photo organisation and family trees. 

Prices for photo sorting and organising


Prices will depend on the size of the project. $40 an hour is the starting price but personal packages can be discussed and created. 

What about digital photos


Yes, we can help you organise your digital photos too. Do you want them printed? We can organised lovely digital print books too. 

Have you backed up your computer lately?